Tekaan Nujum Pak Belalang


try it .. hahah


It is claimed that after you dial the number, you’ll hear a girl’s sad voice repeating something like “Jai Jian le”.
And you won’t be charged for the call.

First I tot this is just another lame prank, getting other to bombard the victim’s phone with countless calls. But after reading through other posts, all those who have tried heard the similar voice, then it will just disconnect itself.

OK, so out of curiosity, I dial the number using my hand phone. There wasn’t any toot-toot … toot-toot like other land line phone, but I heard the “Jai Jian Le” instantly, and it repeated until the line got disconnected. My first impression it was actually a recorded caller ring tones.

So here’s a few things I found it’s weird:
- the number clearly is a land line number, a Penang number, but land line got caller ring tone ?

So if you want to try… try at your own risk

rumors are this is the last voice recorded by a girl before she commit suicide.

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