Tekaan Nujum Pak Belalang


Aku kene Tag..!!!!!

( This taggie from lia143 )

1. what's your favourite food?

Char Kuey Teow koWt...

2. your hobby?

of course playing with my cats

3. do you like shopping?
Ohh...not sure !!!

4. addicted to the internet?
Of course...lg2 tyme boring

5. list down 7 things that you like the most.
-my 1st cat

-my 2nd cat

-my 3rd cat

-my 4th cat

-my 5th cat

-not sure, haha

-not sure,....

6. list down 4 things that are impossible for you to reach.
-nak membela 100 ekor kucing ...haha

-nak mengacukkan kucing dengan lembu.....kalo boleh r...hah

-nak beli rumah banglo 6 tingkat...like jonas from U.K

- nak ader PA secara percuma...haha

7. do you like photography?


8. what kind of cake do you like the most?

Kek Pisang koWt...haha

9. what do you want to be when you are grown-up?

- I want to be a best veterinary doctor in Malaysia...

10. list down 5 people to tag.

- nnena

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